where to find tea gift sets

Looking for tea gift sets for a tea drinker?  Many of the larger tea stores offer gift sets combining many tea related items together as one gift.

This is a great gift for beginning tea drinkers along with connoisseurs as well.  You can get tea, teaware, food items, and more.  You can also get a nice tea sampler included.

You may be unsure of where to start your search.  Well, hopefully my article will point you in the right direction.

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Where to search for tea gift sets

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You can start by checking out the gift sections of Teavana, Adagio, Mighty Leaf Tea Company, English Tea Store, DavidsTea, or Golden Moon Tea.  All of these stores have been reviewed in my prior article, and each has a gift link on their homepage.

Not only can you buy gift sets at these well known tea stores, but they are also offered through stores like Amazon.com.  Surprisingly, Amazon appears to have the largest selection compared to the online stores that I have researched.  Just put in a search on Amazon for “tea gift sets.”  Here is also a link to Amazon’s Best Sellers in Gourmet Tea Gifts: Amazon’s Top Selling Tea Gifts

Many gift sets normally have a gourmet tea sampler, along with other teaware that the person can use for years.  For example, many gift sets include glass teapots, mugs, and decorative tins.  Make sure to find out whether the person enjoys loose leaf tea or tea bags because the gift sets have either one or the other.

You may also want to search online for “tea gift baskets”, which tends to include gift sets not only with tea and teaware, but with cookies and snacks.  By using that search term, you will get additional results in the search engines to help you find that perfect gift.

Where to find teaware gift sets

If you are looking more for teaware as opposed to tea itself, Bed Bath and Beyond always has high quality teaware.  Make sure to find one of their 20% off coupons to help with the cost.  They sell some very decorative tea cups, sets, saucers and pots.  They also sell the popular tea makers such as the Breville Tea Maker.

Benefits of buying tea gift sets

The benefit of tea gift sets is that you don’t risk giving the person something they don’t like, since they receive a large variety of items.  If they dislike one tea, they can try another.  Another benefit is that you are giving something that contributes to the person’s health. Tea has been proven time and time again to be extremely beneficial to our overall well being.


In summary, I would recommend checking out the gift sections of the major online tea shops listed above, along with searching Amazon.com for tea gift sets and their best seller page in Gourmet Tea Gifts. Additionally, you may want to  search for “tea gift baskets” in the search engines for further options.  Additionally, if you are looking more for teaware sets, you can check out Bed Bath & Beyond for some high quality sets.

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