9 Gifts for Tea Lovers for the Perfect Gift

gift boxIf you are looking for gifts for tea lovers, there are plenty of gifts available for both the beginning tea drinker and the connoisseur.

Many of the online tea sites have sections dedicated to gifts for tea lovers.  You can also find some of these items in physical stores.

Here are 9 ideas to help you choose the perfect gift:

Gifts for Tea Lovers

1. Tea of the month club
I have actually been meaning to buy myself this gift.  Tea of the month clubs allow someone to try new teas every single month, which are delivered to their door.  Make sure to find out if your tea lover brews loose leaf tea or uses tea bags before ordering.  This is one of those gifts for tea lovers that can last the entire year.

2. Tea makers
If your tea lover wants to make the perfect cup of tea, they will need an excellent tea maker.  This gift is more geared to brewing loose leaf tea.  My favorite and only tea maker is the Breville Tea Maker, which runs around $250.  I use it on a daily basis to brew fresh leaves  at the right temperature for a perfect cup of tea. There are also cheaper tea makers that still do the trick.

3. Cast iron tea pot
These are for your tea connoisseur.  Cast iron tea pots have been made in Japan for years (also known as Tetsubins).  There are two types: (1) ones meant to brew tea and (2) ones meant as stove-top kettles.  The ones meant to brew tea are normally handcrafted of solid cast iron with a stainless steel basket inside for the leaves, and are not meant to be warmed on the stove.  It is said that the cast iron tea pots extract better taste and health benefits from the tea, and also keep the tea warmer for longer periods.  This could be one of the priciest gifts for tea lovers, but these pots are known to be almost indestructible and a long lasting gift.

4. Tea gift cards
Almost all of the major tea stores offer gift cards.  Since tea drinkers can be quite picky with what they like to drink, this might be the easiest way to make sure they choose the tea or accessory that they will love.  Many tea gift cards come in increments of $25, so you can decide how much you like the person, kidding.  As far as gifts for tea lovers, gift cards are a little less personal, but can ensure that your tea drinker buys exactly what they want.

5. Tea books
There are tons of books related to tea whether it is brewing your own tea, fun facts, recipes, its history, and more.  These books look great on someone’s coffee table (in this case tea table) and make for good conversation.  You can find these books being sold by online tea stores and also on regular book sites such as Amazon.  Of course, there are also plenty of tea books in retail stores such as Barnes & Noble.

6. Tea samplers
Similar to the tea of the month clubs, tea samplers allow tea lovers to try many varieties of teas, which normally would be expensive if having to buy each tea by itself.  Most of the major online tea stores offer samplers along with nice gift packaging.  Whether you are buying tea bags or loose leaf tea, there are plenty of tea samplers for you to choose from.  The benefit of this gift is that your tea lover has a better chance of finding a tea that they enjoy.

7. Tea gift baskets
These gifts can be great for a beginning tea drinker. Many of these baskets have tea leaves or tea bags, tea mugs, tea tins, cookies and snacks, tea sweeteners and many other items that go well with tea, along with a wicker basket.  The baskets can look really impressive and definitely can make your tea lover happy with your gift.  It is one of the most common gifts for tea lovers.

8. Their favorite tea
Depending on how well you know the person you are giving the gift, you can be bold and actually buy them the exact tea that they love.  If they enjoy loose leaf tea, you can buy them a decorative tin to place their favorite tea inside.  If they enjoy tea bags, there are many impressive bamboo boxes that can be purchased to place the tea bags inside.  This could be one of the greatest gifts for tea lovers if you pick the right tea.

9. Tea cups and saucers
This is another great gift for a beginning tea drinker.  You could buy them a whole tea cup and saucer set if they plan to have a tea party or serve a larger number of people.  There are a number of different types ranging from inexpensive to expensive depending on the quality of the material.  They are normally sold as bone china or porcelain tea cups and saucers.

While there are additional gifts for tea lovers that are not listed, hopefully this will help you find the perfect gift.  Let me know what you bought!

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