the ultimate Tea resources list

I’ve created this page to combine many helpful tea resources that I’ve discovered into a categorized list. These resources can be helpful to any type of tea drinker. This will be an expanding list as I discover more in the future. I’ve purposely left off tea blogs since there are simply too many to list and they would overcrowd the other resources.

Here is the Ultimate Tea Resource List:

1. Tea communities/forums– Steepster has tea ratings, journals, recommendations, discussions, and more.– TeaChat is a discussion forum run by Adagio Teas. This is the subreddit on reddit discussing everything tea- related.

2. Tea magazines

The SororiTEA Sisters Daily: These ladies also run a separate blog with tea reviews, in addition to their well-written magazine.

The Daily Tea: This used to be called Tea Magazine.

Tea Time: Lots of great articles and recipes using tea.

4. Tea Apps

Android tea apps: Download tea timers, tea tips, games and more.

Apple tea apps: All of the best ipad and iphone tea apps in one place.

5. Online Tea Stores

Most Popular Tea Stores: This is a post I had written previously, so feel free to read.

6. Online Tea Timer

Internet Tea Timer: Keep track of your steeping time with your computer.

7. Tea News

NY Times tea articles: You can always expect quality articles from the NY Times.

Topix tea articles: Lots of great tea headlines for your browsing.

World Tea News: This site is entirely dedicated to tea (currently down right now).

8. Tea Background/History

Wikipedia on Tea: This page is loaded with information.

Wikipedia on the History of Tea: Learn the history of tea from Wikipedia.

Encyclopedia Britannica on Tea: Nice overview of tea in general.

9. Tea Books (best places to find them)

Amazon tea books: Great selection of tea books at competitive prices.

Goodreads tea books: Lots of great reviews and recommendations.

Barnes & Noble tea books: You may need to browse around to weed out the unrelated tea fiction books.

Well, I hoped you enjoyed the Ultimate Tea Resource List. If you have any suggestions, feel free to tweet or message me on Facebook (check out the sidebar). You can also click on the Contact Me button on the top and follow the directions. Thanks!