misleading tea songs of all time

I’ve been tricked too many times by misleading tea songs that sounded like they were about tea, but ended up having nothing to do with tea at all. Well, it’s time someone spoke up. Here’s the top 3 misleading tea songs of all time:

1. Dem Franchize Boys: In my white tee

For all those white tea lovers sipping on their warm beverage after a long day, you may be inclined to listen to a sweet melody about your soothing drink. Well, look no further than a beautiful song by Dem Franchize Boys:

Unfortunately, the song is about how they spit game, bling, and go to the club wearing their white t-shirts. While Dem Franchise Boys certainly love their white tees, there is no confirmation that they even drink white tea. Dem Franchize Boys: I’m not falling for it again!

2. Guccie Mane- Black Tee

For the tea lovers who need that extra kick in the morning, black tea is great for its caffeine tea content and antioxidants. For black tea lovers everywhere, they were super excited to hear Guccie Mane’s opinion on the health benefits of black tea:

Unfortunately, Gucci Mane just raps about killing, robbing, and stealing while wearing his black t-shirt. What a total letdown!

3. Alborosie – Herbalist

I was WAY off on this one. Expecting to hear the first reggae song about herbal teas or medicinal herbs, unfortunately, it’s just a tale of a marijuana smuggler laundering his money and hiding from the Feds:

My last hope of the song having any relation to tea was when it says “export green stash” obviously hoping he was talking green tea, but yeah he’s just referring to flying weed out of Jamaica by airplane.

Well, I hope you all will not make the same mistakes I have. Feel free to add any other misleading tea songs.

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