How Many Calories Are In Matcha Green Tea

Are you interested in knowing how many calories are in matcha green tea? Maybe you’re watching your calories and want to make sure matcha is okay to drink. 

Since matcha green tea comes in different forms, I will go over the number of calories in each type.

In this blog post, I discuss how many calories are in regular matcha without any additional ingredients, plus compare it to regular green tea. I also discuss calories in matcha drinks such as green tea lattes and matcha frappuccinos using Starbucks as an example.

I’ve also included some helpful information regarding the average calorie and nutrient content of matcha bubble tea. 

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How Many Calories in Matcha Green Tea

Matcha green tea without any additional ingredients, such as milk, sweetener, or creamer, is a very low-calorie drink. Depending on the brand, the calories in matcha range from 2-10 calories per serving.

Most of the calories come from carbohydrates, followed by protein (unless there are other ingredients apart from ground matcha green tea leaves in the powder). 

Starbucks matcha green tea powder contains 25 calories per scoop as this particular brand contains small amounts of sweeteners.

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Calories in Green Tea vs. Matcha Green Tea

Green tea contains slightly fewer calories than matcha. The USDA says a cup of green tea provides 2 calories, and matcha contains about 5 calories per serving. However, both matcha and green tea are very low-calorie drinks themselves. Any increase in calories comes with the additional ingredients used to serve the tea, such as sweeteners and milk. 

When shopping for matcha, ensure you buy 100% green tea leaves. Although most brands won’t add other ingredients, it’s always good to check there are no additional sweeteners that may add unwanted calories to your drink. 

Can Matcha Green Tea Help Weight Loss?

Matcha green tea is popular in the weight loss community for a variety of reasons. Matcha may assist in the breakdown of body fat, reduce stress and stabilize blood sugar which can help in healthy weight loss when coupled with a balanced diet and moderate exercise. 

For more information, read my previous blog post discussing whether matcha green tea can be used for weight loss

How Many Calories in a Matcha Green Tea Latte

Matcha Green Tea Latte

Who doesn’t love a latte! The best option when it comes to a matcha green tea latte with cow’s milk is to go for non-fat milk. 

Nutritional information for a hot Starbucks matcha green tea latte with nonfat cow’s milk (tall size of 12 fl oz):

  • 143 calories
  • 22.5 carbs (0.8g from fiber) 
  • 9g protein

Nutritional information for an iced Starbucks matcha green tea latte with nonfat cow’s milk (tall size of 12 fl oz):

  • 120 calories (15% fewer calories than a hot latte)
  • 22.5 carbs (0.8g from fiber) 
  • 6.8g protein

Starbucks also offers whole milk for a more creamy latte. This whole milk will steam better when heated, so if you like a foamy latte, this is your best bet. It’s roughly 173 calories as iced matcha or 210 calories when hot. 

How Many Calories in Matcha Green Tea Latte With Almond Milk

For a lower-carb option, opt for a matcha green tea with almond milk. This vegan milk is one of the lowest-calorie kinds of milk and adds a delightful nutty taste to your latte. Almond milk is also packed with vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that may help reduce your risk of some significant health problems such as heart disease. 

Nutritional information for a hot Starbucks matcha green latte with almond milk (tall size of 12 fl oz):

  • 120 calories
  • 18g carbs (2.3g from fiber) 
  • 4.5g fat 
  • 2.3g protein 

Nutritional information for an iced Starbucks matcha green latte with almond milk (tall size of 12 fl oz):

  • 75 calories
  • 12g carbs (1.5g from fiber)
  • 2.3g fat 
  • 1.5g protein

How Many Calories in Matcha Green Tea Latte With Coconut Milk

The macronutrient and calorie breakdown of a matcha latte with coconut milk is similar to nonfat cow’s milk, apart from the fat content. The majority of the calories in this latte will come from carbohydrates which account for 66.2% of the total calories, followed by 28.7% for fat. 

Not only is coconut milk a great dairy-free option, but it’s also high in many essential micronutrients, including:

  • Iron
  • Magnesium
  • Copper
  • Manganese
  • Vitamin C

Nutritional information for a hot Starbucks matcha green tea latte with coconut milk (tall size of 12 fl oz):

  • 143 calories 
  • 21.8g carbs (0.8g from fiber)
  • 6g fat
  • 1.8g protein

Nutritional information for an iced Starbucks matcha green tea latte with coconut milk (tall size of 12 fl oz):

  • 120 calories 
  • 19.5g carbs (1.5g from fiber)
  • 3.8g fat
  • 1.5g protein 

Why are Iced Lattes Lower Calorie Than Hot Lattes? 

If you noticed the trend in the calories in the matcha lattes mentioned, you might be wondering why the same size drink in an iced version is fewer calories? According to Starbucks baristas, although both drinks are the same volume, cold drinks contain ice in replacement of the milk. 

However, the calorie difference is slight, and you’d be better off choosing the drink of your preference so you can enjoy your matcha to the fullest. 

How Many Calories In Matcha Green Tea Frappuccino

A frappuccino is a popular cold beverage made with blended ice, milk, coffee, syrup, or matcha. As you may have noticed, the calories in a matcha latte will primarily vary depending on the type of milk used. The same goes for frappuccinos. 

Nutritional info for a Starbucks matcha frappuccino with whole milk and whipped cream (tall size of 12 fl oz):

  • 315 calories
  • 46.5g carbs (0.8g from fiber) 
  • 12g fat
  • 4.5g protein

How Many Calories In Matcha Green Tea Boba

Matcha Green Tea Boba

Boba, also known as bubble tea, is a relatively modern cold drink that has recently taken the world by storm. Boba is made with tea (usually black tea, but green tea can also be used), ice, milk, liquid sweetener, and chewy bubble-like balls. These tapioca balls burst with flavor when chewed and come in various flavors. 

The calories in your matcha bubble tea can vary depending on the ingredients used. It’s also somewhat hard to estimate the calories of a bubble tea, as most boba will come from a food stand. Therefore, you have no control over the amount of milk, sweetener, etc in the drink. 

Most of the calories in bubble tea come from sugar. According to Nitrionix, a 16 fl oz green tea milk boba contains 278 calories. This is mainly due to the carbohydrates, but there are some calories from protein and fat when you add milk, although it will depend on what milk you choose. 

The healthiest, low-calorie milk includes almond and coconut milk. You can also opt for a milk-free boba tea to cut the calories. An average boba with no milk will contain approximately 54g of carbohydrates, which mainly come from sugars.  

How Long Does it Take to Burn Calories From Matcha Green Tea?

Depending on what form you consume matcha, the time it will take to burn off those calories will differ.

Here is how long it would take the average person to burn 100 calories:

  •  8 minute swimming
  • 11 minute jogging
  • 15 minute cycling
  • 30 minute walking 

*based on a 5’7’’ tall, 35-year-old female of about 140lb. 

If you’re drinking regular matcha green tea with no additives, then you will burn those low calories off very quickly. However, if you’re drinking matcha bubble tea, it will obviously take longer. 


Matcha green tea is a super low-calorie drink on its own. It’s only when you add milk, syrups, whipped cream, and other ingredients that the calories start to soar. 

The best way to enjoy matcha is mixed with hot water and a splash of dairy-free milk such as almond or coconut milk. Furthermore, when you make your own matcha at home, you can have more control over the amount of milk you use. 

If you wish to enjoy matcha from the store, iced lattes are generally a lower-calorie option. Although, this discrepancy is usually small enough not to make a massive difference in weight loss unless you consume them multiple times daily. Boba is also a delicious, fun way to enjoy matcha, although higher in calories. 

Whatever way you choose to enjoy your matcha, you can soak up the health benefits associated with this vibrant green Asian drink.

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