Teavana coupon codes: Where do I find them?

Teavana coupon codesLet’s face it: Teavana’s prices can be pretty damn expensive.  I took out a home equity line for my last batch of Silver Yin Zhen Pearls White Tea.

You probably found my site because you are looking for Teavana coupon codes.  Well you’ve reached the right place.  Here is every possibly place that I am aware of to find these discounts.

Places to Find Teavana Coupon Codes

Google Search

If these offers expire, I usually find the best luck by searching Google for “Teavana coupon code” or “Teavana coupons” plus the current month and year (removing the quotations).

Coupon Sites

Another place to go is retailmenot.com where the average Teavana coupon codes result in a customer saving roughly $9 off with a promo code or coupon.  As the world’s leading digital coupon marketplace, they provide some awesome discounts off retailers like Teavana.

Another place is couponcabin.com which claims to give an average savings of $13.78 with Teavana coupon codes as of this month.  The company has been featured on many television shows and newspapers and gets access to some exclusive offers.

Another great resource is fatwallet.com, which is a popular site for visitors to find and share the latest discounts and coupon codes from retailers such as Teavana.

Browser Extension

There is also a free extension to your browser called Honey that automatically searches for coupon codes for you and does all the work, and automatically applies any coupon code that works to your checkout cart.  Go to joinhoney.com for more information.

Coupon Search Engine

There is also a specific search engine for coupon codes called udealium.com and these deals are obtained directly from the retailer and human verified before added to the results.

Teavana’s Website

Sometimes, Teavana itself will give their own promotions like this month where they offer free ground shipping on orders over $50 plus a free sample of their Youthberry/Wild Orange Tea Blend.  Granted, most of the major online tea stores already offer free shipping for orders that size.

Other Retailers

Worst case scenario, you can switch over to a similar online tea seller for your preferred tea with either lower prices or better coupon codes.  I would recommend sites such as Adagio.com, DavidsTea.com, or Upton Tea Imports.

Teavana’s Physical Store

Alternatively, you could try calling a Teavana retail store (assuming you live nearby), and see if they have any current promotions.  That is how I was able to get my Breville Teamaker for $50 less than the normal price.

Closing Statements

It can be frustrating to have one of your coupon codes found not valid, so I am hoping this article increases your chance of finding valid Teavana coupon codes, so you can save some cash.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained as they say.

That 5 minutes worth of time searching for Teavana coupon codes could well be worth your time in savings on your next purchase.  Good luck and happy searching.  Feel free to share any savings you received as a result of my article.

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